This blog is a place for sharing forgotten things that lack connections. Undated photographs of unknown people taken by unknown photographers. Snapshots of a moment in time that are now devoid of context and meaning. Objects and possessions that have long lost their owners and will never be reclaimed.

woman and child, believed to have been taken in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

That they still exist after all these decades means that someone thought they were worth saving for another day.

They’re sometimes as pristine as they day they were made — immaculate snapshots of people long gone. Other times they’re tattered, dog-eared and torn, but likely once much-loved.

studio portrait of an unknown family by Greaves of 55 New Street, Huddersfield

However, every now and then an item can be linked to a person — a scribbled name on the back of a photograph or a postal address — and perhaps that might be enough to reunite them with a descendant. Thanks to the internet, names can be quickly searched on genealogy web site and addresses cross-referenced. An uncaptioned photograph suddenly becomes Jessie Louise Potts (née Pyrah) and her daughter Elaine…

Jessie Louise Potts (née Pyrah) and her daughter Elaine

It is assumed that all items posted here are in the Public Domain due to their age. In reality, some may be Orphan Works where the creator has not been dead long enough for their works to enter the Public Domain. If you’re able to provide proof that you legally represent the estate of the creator of any item on this site and that the item is still protected by copyright, please get in touch and the item will be redacted.

This blog was created by Dave Pattern. He looks after the Huddersfield Exposed web site and some of the items found here are connected to Huddersfield, but most aren’t. Dave can be contacted at davepattern@gmail.com