ephemera #46

Undated photo postcard of a woman by Krüger & Sons Ltd. of Huddersfield.
The studio was established by German-born photographer Henry Krüger (c.1851-1942). Shortly before the outbreak of the First World War, Krüger took his family to America (presumably to avoid internment) and is believed to have died in Chicago on 30 October 1942.

On the reverse of the card is written:

Wishing you a merry Christmas & a bright & prosperous New Year,

ephemera #44

Undated photo postcard of a group of six women by an unknown photographer

The women are presumably related with the three on the left almost certainly sisters. The posing is a little unusual with only the women at the back looking directly towards the camera.
On the reverse is written:

Margaret at 27.
All the Best
and much love.
Yours always

ephemera #37

Undated photo postcard by an unknown photographer, captioned “All Good Wishes”.

Although unposted, the card has a message written in difficult to decipher handwriting:

Dear Arthur & Winnie
This is one of Beals[?] first attempts at photography taken in our Back Garden. They tell me it is a good likeness except that as my eyes are […?] they do not come out […]

The rest of the writing is indecipherable.